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Update June 23 - 2010 Pro's and Con's " Fit Yummy Mummy - Weight Loss Program" By Health Experts

Fit Yummy Mummy is designed Holly Ridby with an aims to help women and new mom lose that stubborn baby weight once and for all. It is a program for moms who want to get back into shape quickly and safely. For women who just have a baby, Ridly knows there is also a lot of work that must be done on a daily basis and this can leave you with very little time to think about your weight, but if you concerns about your health and your physical appearance why you can't set aside 15-30 minutes, a few times a week. We provide you with information and health experts' opinion of Pro and Con of above program. Please read the argument carefully, before making your decision. As always, please consult with your doctor before applying.

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Fit Yummy Mummy Review - Great Program Or Useless Information?
By Rachael Morisson

I will get straight to the point with this fit yummy mummy review. It is a great program and I will tell you why... Holly Rigsby, the creator or fit yummy mummy is a certified personal trainer and a nationally recognized women's fitness coach. Firstly, the name of her system suits her perfectly. She is a fit yummy mummy! Secondly, her program has created 2000 members and is constantly creating fit yummy mummies. The ages of her members range from 20 something to 60 something.

Here's what you get:

This system is a complete 16-week fat loss and nutrition busy moms lifestyle program. Fit Yummy Mummy is jammed packed with information. Some of the tips from the system are as follows:

  • All you need is 15 minutes - Doing short burst exercises to enhance your metabolism and burn calories all day with these quick 15 minute workouts
  • Workout at home - You can burn fat, lose your belly fat, tone your arms and body all in the comfort of your own home
  • No more long, boring cardio - research have shown long cardio workouts are not effective and hence a waste of time. short, faster workouts get more results and hence fits the busy moms schedule
  • Intervals: The Truth about Fat Burning Cardios - This method of exercise has proven to be more effective in every study in medical journals compared to regular cardio workouts
  • The Power of your own body - How to use your body weight to sculpt your body and why they work better than machines
  • Sensible meal planning strategies - How to fill your family with wholesome, natural food nutrition in a time efficient manner
  • The truth about fad diets - Why you need to avoid the fad diets and why they don't work anyway
  • Getting lasting results - #1 secret to maintaining weight loss and to create a support system with your family and friends
  • Create a meal menu planner - This tool will assist you in putting together a satisfying, energizing and fat burning meals for the whole family
  • Another 12 weeks of advance workouts - As an addition to the 16-week plan, there is a bonus of another 12 weeks of exercises so that you will avoid hitting the plateaus in your workouts.

As you can see, this is an all inclusive fitness and nutrition plan and this is just the beginning. On top of that, you get these 10 bonus reports.

  1. The Busy Mom's 7-Step Quick Start Essentials Program
  2. The Fit Yummy Mummy Guide to Fast & Easy Meals
  3. New Mom's Jump Start Beginner Workout Program
  4. The 6-Minute Circuits Emergency Workout Plan
  5. The Dramatic Dress Size Reduction Diet
  6. The Secrets to Being a Stylish Mom Without Spending a Hollywood Fortune
  7. The MomsTown "How to Get Organized" MP3 Audio Program
  8. Fool Proof Nutrition Guide for the Fit Yummy Mummy and Child
  9. The Cellulite Cure
  10. Meal Plans 101

Finally, an important thing that I want to mention is her support system. I had a few questions for her and usually when I email an author or owner about their system, the question is either ignored or takes 1 week or so before getting a reply. Not Holly... I get replies back from her usually the same day or the day after and the answers are always very clear and has a polite tone. You can definitely tell she cares.

To sum it all up the fit yummy mummy program comes with a 8-week 100% money back guarantee. So really the onus is on Holly to prove it to you that her system works.

So the question you want to ask yourself is do you want to be the next Fit Yummy Mummy?

Rachael Morisson is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast. She loves researching and discovering efficient workouts and proper nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. She did a Fit Yummy Mummy Review and found great information on How To Lose Pregnancy Weight.

Recommended Reading
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Discover the Secret Method Busy Moms Are
Using to Burn the Lingering “Baby Fat” and
Get Their Body Back with Fun, Fast Workouts.

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