Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update July 19 - 2010 Pro's and Con's " Fit Yummy Mummy - Weight Loss Program" By Health Experts

Fit Yummy Mummy is designed Holly Ridby with an aims to help women and new mom lose that stubborn baby weight once and for all. It is a program for moms who want to get back into shape quickly and safely. For women who just have a baby, Ridly knows there is also a lot of work that must be done on a daily basis and this can leave you with very little time to think about your weight, but if you concerns about your health and your physical appearance why you can't set aside 15-30 minutes, a few times a week. We provide you with information and health experts' opinion of Pro and Con of above program. Please read the argument carefully, before making your decision. As always, please consult with your doctor before applying.

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Simple Tips on How to Be the Fit Yummy Mummy Again!
By Ken V Smith

To be a mother is the most exhilarating experience for any women. It's an experience of the kind to give birth and to be a mom.

But what happens after that could as well be a women's nightmare! That is when she realizes that the weight she gained during pregnancy is not going back.

While every woman, young or old would want to fit and sexy! What exactly should you be doing to be the fit yummy mummy again!

Well, Holly Rigsby, the celebrated author, nutritionist, fitness expert and above all a mom herself, has the answer. She has designed this program in such a way that, you as a busy mom can fit in her advice in your schedule. With this program it becomes easier to lose pregnancy weight. You don't have to go to a gym. You can lose the weight within the comforts of your home.

Simple tips:

  • Take it easy. Don't exert your self. It's difficult to follow a heavy gyming schedule immediately after a baby. Do simple exercises, may be a short walk.
  • Drink loads of water. It's important to keep yourself hydrated all times. It also reduces the urge to snack unnecessarily.
  • Eat nutritious food. During pregnancy and child birth, you body undergoes a lot of stress, it's important to give all necessary nutrition to your body, in order to the fit yummy mummy again again.
  • Avoid excessively oily food. Too much of fat is not good for anyone.
  • Do follow your doctor's advice.

Above all be happy and enjoy motherhood.

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